Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am a slacker

I know I am a slacker. I have a great excuse because I have become a student again. Grad school is kicking my trash. I feel so far behind in every aspect of my life, I don’t know how to dig myself out. Actually I am all caught up on my grading; I stayed late Friday to correct papers. When I was in college, I thought it would be so much fun to grade papers, but it’s not.

I thought I would quickly give an update of my life and what is going on. Because I haven’t blogged in the last three months, I will give a quick update on the ten most important events that have happened in the last three months.

1. Started Grad school at BYU. It is very hard, but I got A’s in both of my summer classes. Not so sure about this fall. I am taking a law class that very interesting , but very rigorous.

2. After setting up 101 thousand couples, my first set up got married in June. I feel like a proud parent every time I hang out with them. They actually built a house four minutes away from me. It is great. Timmy and Marjie are the cutest couple I know. I will try to download a video of them cutting the cake. They have promised to name their first born after me, and let me hold him/her when ever I want to.

3. I pulled over for speeding for the first time. I was going 42 in a 25. I was obviously in a new area and not familiar with the speed limit. Lucky for me as the cop was writing out my ticket, he got called to a more important emergency and let me off with a warning. Before I could even put my license back in my wallet he was off.

4. Kaicee turned four. My little bug is growing right up. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I just want to say for the record that she is fascinated with the arts, and she might be famous someday. She loves to sing and dance. She especially loves to dance with her dad. I love teaching her new words. Her word bank now includes but is not limited to: Cranium, phalanges, patella, bacteria, awkward, and frustrated. It never ceases to amaze me how quick she picks up information. She is like a sponge. She is four going on 21. She recently announced she was engaged and getting married to her imaginary boyfriend Dylan. She said she was getting married August 19th and she was getting married in the temple. When her dad told her he would not let her get married, she called her imaginary boyfriend and told him her dad was freaking her out. If I had my way I would keep her four forever. I love that little girl to bits and pieces.

5. The twins are moving on with their lives. Amanda lives in Orem and is attending UVU. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education and plans to teach elementary ed. She is working very had and keeping a positive attitude. Kylie decided to stay living at home, so her dad would not be sad. She is working as a dental assistant and plans to start school in the fall. She would like to be an adoption agent. She is very considerate and sweet. She is always thinking of others.

6. Britney and Colby bought a boat. It is always great to have a boat in the family. My goal is to wake board next summer.

7. Somer moved in with me. She is awesome. I never realized how handy it would be to have my own live in nurse. But let’s just say she came in really handy the other day. Somer will be finished with her RN in December.

8. I only have 9 toe nails. My right big toenail was tragically ripped from my body while my nieces and I were mattress surfing. Really I no longer have a toenail. It was very disgusting and painful. I had to go to the doctor and he gave me 15 shots in my toe to remove the remaining pieces of the toenail. This happened three weeks ago and I have yet to wear a real shoe. It was actually really funny when it happened. This is how it went down. Mattress hit my toe. I looked saw that most of my toenail was hanging on by a thread. In a panic I started hobbling around the house yelling “My toenail is off, my toenail is off” I was half laughing, half crying. This is when Somer came in handy. She was able to wrap my toe and take me to the doctor. She held my hand with one of her hands and then with the other she plugged my ear. I was plugging my other ear and closing my eyes. I couldn’t bear the sound of the snapping. Somer on the other hand loves to watch the blood and gore. Then for the next week. Somer would stay up late to change the dressing on my toe (normally I am not such a wimp, but I couldn’t bear the sight of the bloody stump). Somer really came through when I called her at 3:21 am several days after the incident (I called her because she is two floors below me and I didn’t want to hobble down to her room). I was having the most terrible toe pain imaginable. Somer came upstairs and saved the day. She brought me some medicine and then sat with me until I fell asleep. Needless to say she is the best.

9. I just ripped a hole in my favorite jeans. As in just two minutes ago. I am so sad because I have a very limited jean collection. I have a difficult time finding pants that are long enough. FYI The Buckle and Banana Republic have very, very long jeans. The problem is they are very expensive, hence the reason I have a limited collection. The good news is I bought patches today at the store.

10. I just bought a plane ticket to New York. Yes I am finally going to New York. I have wanted to visit there since I can remember. I am going over fall break and I can’t wait. I am visiting one of my best friends, Sara Thomas. She has been living there for a little over a year. When I get back, I will post the blog of a life time. I can’t wait. Hopefully I don’t catch swine flu on the plane. That reminded me, at my school each classroom has to have a huge bottle of hand sanitizer which students are strongly encouraged to use. If students start coming down with symptoms they are sent to the office where they will receive a surgical mask. There are also heavy duty rubber masks available for teachers. All I have to say is, wow this is crazy. Already this year, we have had a case of swine flu reported at the school. It’s an epidemic!!!

Here are a few other pictures to enjoy:)


Michelle Kelly said...

So fun!! Except for the toe part, I'm so glad Somer was there for you. I can't wait to hear about New York, you are going to LOVE it!!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

You are adorable and I miss you! I can't believe you would choose New York over 100 degree temps, but I am so happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I love that you caught us all up on the happenings of your life! You always have such amazing adventures :)
And now I am even more excited to hear about your NY trip!!
Glad that all is well. Love ya!!

Jackie said...

excellent update on the life of the smith girls! Man, I miss you and Sommer. Feel free to comve visit the next time youare in Texas. And I'm so glad you and somie are living together! Loves, Jackie